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Different Ways To Wear Glitter Eyeshadow

If you are talking about beauty trend around the world, then it must be glitter makeup. You can found now many glitter artist are now in Instagram, Tiktok, Youtube, Facebook and social media around the world. Glitter makeup usually can be spotted on the eyes and lips, but there are some makeups artist who have gone ahead and sported glitter around their eyebrows as well as their whole body part.

Glitter on the eyes is perhaps the most common and trend can be seen at social media. Glitter eyeshadow is one of the huge topics among celebrities and on Instagram. We can see many different way and used of glitter to from an attractive makeup look. But we will admit that it may not be for everyone. Those perfect glittering look on Instagram may make you believe that this makeup trend is easy, but believe us. It is not completely right and glitter eyeshadow can be quite difficult to pull off. Start from choosing the right colours and blend it to form a stunning glitter eyeshadow look can prove to be quite a task.

After doing some researching, we have rounded up some simple yet effective ways you can use to wear the glitter eyeshadow and look like an absolute diva. Bold dashes of shadow, minimalist liner, and full-on sparkle party, we have tried it all. Amazing glitter eyeshadow inspiration, giving you an idea and ways to make you want to reach for your nearest glitter eyeshadow palette right away!

How do you think for wearing glitter eyeshadow success without looking like disaster during high schools. 

This is one of the common questions which you may come across at least once. Glitter makeup is not to be perfect, and that is the trend of the makeup itself. You can do it many ways, like pat some golden shimmer on the middle of your lid, dot a few specs of your favourites glitter eyeshadow on your eyes, or go all out and line your upper and lower eyelid with glittery eyeliner. Pick yours, here.

Here are some simple tips to help you with this amazing trend…

Tips #1: Stick To One Kind Of Glitter Accent

It is best to stick and enhance for only one feature because glitter makeup can be very tricky to achieve. You may either flaunt glitter eyes or glitter lips because having glitter everywhere will only make you look like you’re dressing for a competition.  Let one of the part make a statement and don’t go overboard by having too much.

Tips #2: Find The Right Balance For Yourself

If you are wearing glitter more than one spot, then try find a little balance between every part. If you are going for a dramatic glittery makeup, then go a little light on the highlighter. As long as you bring balance to every part with your makeup application, mostly you can still execute a gorgeous highlight along with gorgeous glittery eye.

Tips #3: Stick To Neutrals, If Bold Not Your Liking

If you are a person more toward simple makeup but still want to try glitter eyeshadow following the trend, you can totally do so. I suggested that you try sticking to neutral colour palette. You can still allow yourself to try this amazing trend by picking neutral, muted and shimmery tones and yet be comfortable wearing such a statement trend. You can add a bit glitter on the eyes with more gentle shades, like white, beige, copper, brown.

Tips #4: Apply Glitter Eyeshadow As Your Base

Everyone knows that glitter application can be messy and annoying when cleaning. In order to save time and effort, try apply your glitter makeup eyeshadow before anything else. So that, you no needed to go back and correct your base makeup if anything go wrong. If you do end up getting some eyeshadow on your face, here a tips for you: Use scotch tape, it can be remove effortlessly.

Tips #5: Shimmer Inspiration

Glitter and girls are close and inseparable. We want glitter on almost everything from our accessories, from our dresses to bags to shoes. This amazing glitter looks will bring you the love for glitter into your life.

Tips #6: Golden Glitter

Applying some gold glitter eyeshadow over your lid is a great way to take your makeup from day to night. You can finish the look with combination of black eyeliner, some kajal and oodles of mascara.

Tips #7: Glittering And Glossy 

If you want to try different level of glitter used, then you should try mix the colour or textures. This is most of the artist used to them different then with other. For a daring look, add eye gloss to your upper lids, then carefully apply a nude glitter underneath your eyes along the lash line. After that, keep your base makeup fresh so that your skin looks radiant. Last, finish it with a touch of lip balm is all you need on the rest of your face.

Tips #8: Glitter Smokey Eye

If you like to experimenting with makeup, then you should need to try this glitter eyeshadow. This will break the monotony of the usual smokey eye for a fun, glittery twist. Pick a colour of your choice. I recommended black and gold with a bit colour will be perfect.

Tips #9: Sparkly Wings

Everyone knows that cat eye is a classic eyeliner styles that add some drama to our look. You can try go for a few notches higher by giving it sparkly twist. Use your chosen glitter eyeshadow on a wet eyeliner brush and line your upper lids, flicking it outwards at the ends.

Tips #10: Glittery Lower Lash Line

If you are looking to creates something different for your makeup. You can try this, apply matte black eyeliner to your upper eyelid and wing it slightly. After that, apply a thick stroke of glitter eyeshadow to your bottom lashes. Let your eye taking the stage while keeping the rest of your face neutral.

Tips #11: Easily Remove Glittery Eye Makeup

I can guess that you are addict to glitter or else you won’t read this. You already know different ways to wear glitter eyeshadow, you also need to know the exact way to get it off. Glitter can be sticks around on your skin forever if not removed correctly. It is important that you need to know…

Tips #12: Always, Be Gentle

Glitter can cause irritation if it gets stuck to your lashes. The most important is to be gentle, and then you only need to take a bit of eye makeup remover on a cotton pad and let it rest for a minute on your eyes. Then, wipe it off without being harsh. Remember, be gentle.

Tips #13: Cleanser

Cleanser works great to remove residual glitter eye makeup. Try not scrubs your skin as the particles could scratch your skin and cause damage. Use your moisturiser after this.


Hope it can help you.

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