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5 Amazing Use Of Shimmer Eyeliners

Always using the same old classic matte eyeliner? Have you ever thinking of changing new different method. Lucky for you! We’ve found an easy way to switch thing up! All you need to do first is get your hands on some shimmer eyeliners. They are in trend right now and probably the easiest and new way to play up your eyes while most of the face is covered under a mask nowadays.

If you are interested on the idea and wish to know how to line your eyes with shimmer, we have a few stunning way you can try and take inspiration from. Check ‘em out.

  • Gold Shimmer Outline
  • Green Glam
  • Big Bronze Shimmer Wings
  • Silver Lining
  • Shimmery Black

Tips #1: Gold Shimmer Outline

Always try and search for new different way instead of using same regular method to linings your lids. At here, we are talking about gold shimmer outline. Try combined it by wearing a two toned eyeshadow and outline the inner and outer corner of your eyes using shimmering eyeliner. You can keep a simple winged look or get more creative and try more abstract look. Try different and don’t afraid of funky look.

Tips #2: Green Glam

Give it a colour to make it look different. Always use black eyeliner? Give it a break and try use green instead of black. Green eyeliner will switch things up without making it look normal. You can simply draw a simple line on your lids or add in some drama feeling with green eyeshadow and inner corner highlight.

Tips #3: Big Bronze Shimmer Wings

If you are going for more gorgeous look, you may try to create big wings for your eyes. It always looks gorgeous on anyone with it. It is easy, all you have to do is create an outline using your shimmer eyeliner and fill it in with a shimmer eyeshadow using the same colour. You may also take liquid eyeliner to blend it if you don’t have same colour.

Tips #4: Silver Line

Silver line, it may hear only grey colour with glitter effect but you may not know it can completely transform your eyes. You must going for it, weather you decide to wear it on its own or as a floating liner that separates your eyeshadow shades.

Tips #5: Shimmery Black

After all, if you are still like black more, we get it. It may normal to other but it may look different only for you. There also many way of using it can different can be made on the way.

If you read till here and wish to know more and learn more about eyeliner. You can also learn more at the link below:

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Hope it can help you.

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