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12 Tips And Hacked For Glittering Makeup

Body glitter is perfect for people who like to go for festival especially when you’re accessorizing a costume, going for a party of festival. You can find out more for glitter product at I trying to gather some information from the internet, makeup artist and all the pros whose are expect to be glitter enthusiasts. I gather some of their best tips and ways to wear glitter on your body. Before using glitter, try grabs some cosmetic grade glitter to test with small patches on your skin for testing weather your skin is sensitive to it. If your skin doesn’t react! Good for you, now go ahead and live your best, sparkle life with these 12 tips and technique.


Tips #1: Glue Glitter With Using Hair Gel

If you’re using glitter for large areas, hair gel can really make it stick. First, grab a paint brush (Makeup brush, off course!) to spread the gel on the area. Before it dries, use same brush to press, not stroke. Press glitter over the area for even coverage.

Tips #2: Make It Stick With Using Petroleum Jelly

Best product to use when applying glitter to your chest part of body is Vaseline petroleum jelly. You can try spreads the salve evenly on the skin area which you want to make glittery, then press the glitter flecks in with your brush or hand to set it. The petroleum jelly will hold the glitter in place, but it will also leave a nice dewy sheen on the surrounding skin.

Tips #3: Use Hand Sanitizer for Non-Sticky Part

If you’re planning with an idea on covering yourself outside with petroleum jelly, I think people will feel wired when looking at you, use of hand sanitizer instead. Apply the gel over the skin while it still wet, quickly tap the glitter on top. After it dries, the glitter will be stuck in place and your skin won’t e feeling sticky like it would from the other adhesives.

Tips #4: Turn Makeup Product Glittery

Makeup artist recommends using a mixing medium or primer to liquefy the glitter to make it into wet eyeshadow or glaze over your cheekbones. First, apply the area with mixing medium, then use a flat synthetic brush to lay the glitter on top. Caution tips: Keep a distance away from eyes to be safe.

Shimmering spray 100 times better if you want to stands out more. First, pour a little amount of powder highlighter or shimmer into your spray bottle then mixing it by shaking. It is done, that easy. After that, just use it as normally to finish your look with extra boost of glow.

Tips #6: Create Your Own Signature Shimmer Oil

You can use shimmery body oil or you can also make your own. First, get your body oil of choice in a bottle and add as much glitter pigment as you want. It depend how sparkler you want to be. After that, shake it up and apply anywhere you want extra spark.

Tips #7: Glitter Over Lipstick

You can DIY it too. It can be done easily if you don’t want to spends cash on glitter lipstick. Try applying a cream lipstick first, then using your finger to press the glitter to the place on your lips

Tips #8 : Create your own Glitter Brow Gel

You can spray hairspray into a dish and adding loose cosmetic-grade glitter to make your own glitter brow gel. When applying the brow gel, try dip a spoolie brush in the mix and comb the glitter through your brows to shape them.

Tips #9 : Sequins with using Eyelash Glue

If you like to use sequins and rhinestones more, lash glue can be used to stick them on your skin. For heavier glitter materials, you can use clear individual eyelash glue to make them stick. First, apply only a dot of glue to the back of the rhinestone then wait until the adhesive gets tacky. After that, stick the rhinestone onto your skin, press and hold until it dries.

Tips #10: Makeup Sponges Become Glitter Stamps

You like it but not good at freehand painting. We teach you a simple ways. First, grab a few makeup sponges, trace on a design and cut it along the lines. Then you can use your new sponge to stamp glitter gel wherever you want.

Tips #11: Cover with Glitter Gel

If you cannot shampooing your hair all weekend long at any festival or musical event. You may paint some glitter gel along your body part to deflect the haters. Try use a flat synthetic brush to dab the glitter in place if possible.

Tips #12 : Easy Remove Glitter with Oil and Tape

The easiest way to remove glitter is the step below:

  1. Dab the area with scotch tape
  2. Massage with cleansing oil
  3. Rinse

Some of pros advises against using makeup remover because it make the glitter adhere closer to the skin.


Hope it can help you.

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